June 2017 Conference

University of Virginia
Day 1
Monday, June 5, 2017

Preconference Workshop: How to be a noisebreaker, not a noisemaker

Ms. Dalton has spoken to executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs on how to develop messaging and a reputation strategy that positions them more effectively as influencers. Developing a personal brand is a critical investment that most people forget to think about in their day to day work. In this interactive session, Ms. Dalton will outline three key reasons why a personal brand is important. She will work with attendees on figuring out their own personal brand and what makes each of them unique. Once attendees have identified how they are different, Ms. Dalton will share insights on how to build your reputation and then how to leverage it.
Jen Dalton
Day 2
Tuesday, June 6, 2017

From Rescue to Revival: Reframing the story of Sweet Briar College

In March 2015, the role of Sweet Briar’s communications office became messenger for the college closing. Then, as alumnae battled to save their college, the staff had to continue to advocate for the closing even as they rooted for Saving Sweet Briar to prevail. When the college was saved six weeks before classes started and the new administration received keys to a mostly shuttered institution, the communications imperative suddenly changed.
Joelle Ziemian
10:30 am-10:45 am

Networking and Snack Break

Campaign Communications that Work!

Your institution has a great story to tell, but how do you tell it in such a way that entices donors to take out their checkbooks? We will hear from panelists from the University of Virginia Alumni Association, the College of William & Mary and Blue Ridge Community College about their successful campaign communications, and lessons learned.
Jake Perez
Sally Jane Conner
T.J. Zepp

Communicating Research

Institutions can have many different goals in mind when encouraging researchers to communicate about the work they do. As communicators, how do we reconcile the sometimes conflicting motivations of these varied stakeholders and audiences? This interactive session will explore a number of strategies and approaches to working with faculty members and writers to help tell stories about research results as well as the scientific process that underpins this new knowledge.
Dana Cruikshank
11:45 am - 1:15 pm

Lunch & Networking

Tips from the Inside: How to get your pitches picked up

What’s the first thing you should ask when you get asked to pitch some news? Will a catchy subject line make reporters more likely to open your email? What do they do all day? Should I ever use the phone? What should I do if they pass on my boss’s key initiative? Learn tips and hear the inside scoop from a PR person embedded in the newsroom of The Chronicle of Higher Education.
Ginnie Titterton

Student takeovers of social media

Audience-generated content is some of the most authentic content you can share on your social media channels. In order to capture that content in higher ed, many colleges and universities have adopted the model of the student takeover. This approach comes with many questions: How do you start a student takeover? What guidelines do you put in place? What difficulties will you face? Learn from our three panelists from VCU, Tidewater Community College, and George Washington University, about their student takeover experiences and come with your own questions to ask during the Q&A.
Dan Lomask
Jane Gregorski
Megan Schmidt

Website redesign panel

The work of a digital communicator is never done! Learn how colleagues at Longwood University, Regent University, and Tidewater Community College have navigated the process of website redesign, from planning to execution.
2:15 pm - 2:30 pm

Networking & Snack Break

Writing/Editing/Proofing for the Web

Do people really read the web differently? Are they searching differently for content on the web? How should we evaluate our web audience’s needs when creating content? Should I still use the inverted pyramid style of writing? In a time when on the average over 140,000 new websites are popping up every day, we need to know how to connect with our web audience. Come learn from two web writing experts to ensure you are presenting your web content the right way.
Carolyn Conlon
Agatha Rule

Increasing Yield through Customized Web Content

Do you want to know more about the intent of your prospective students and stealth applicants? What about how you can better influence prospects already in the admissions funnel? Or how you can reach new segments of prospective students with highly-tailored content? Jason Smith, founder of OHO Interactive, provides insights into customized content for web, email and social marketing to reach your enrollment goals.